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ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com’s Virtues

Factory Direct ModelOur goal is to bring the world high quality products at factory direct pricing. You get the best prices from ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com because we are involved with the product all the way down to the factory level, thus cutting out many middlemen from the process. We pride ourselves in having a large selection of products, something for everyone. With our factory coordination, we can provide you with a highly customized product.

Consultative Approach and Customer SupportBefore starting ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com, the CEO of ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com had a bad experience with shopping online for furniture. He had ordered a home bath tub, and upon arrival, he found that it was too large to any of his doors. Upon buying the product, he was never warned of this, and upon trying to follow-up with the online retailer, he found it impossible to get help, and when he did, all they offered was a “sorry.” This experience inspired our CEO.

Hence the “consultative approach” was born in ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com. We encourage our customers to call us for help with anything, including advice on installation, service, etc, of your product. We are not like other “dot com” companies hiding behind a fuzzy “internet” wall. ChooseSwimSpasDirect.com sells many high end products where much information is needed by the customer to do the job right. We want to arm you with important knowledge about your product ahead of time so that you have no surprises.


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