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Catalina 16 Ft. SwimSpa

This swim spa has the features you want. First, you can enjoy full body exercising with the swim spa’s varied resistance training centers, swimming or rowing. The last is the hottest trend in aqua fitness and Catalina is the only type of swim spa sold online that allows you to exercise this way – and Choose Swim Spas Direct is the only online vendor of this unique swim spa line. With a swimming area and a hot tub area, this particular swim spa offers both therapy and relaxation – once you’re done exercising, just hop into the hot tub and relax your muscle stress . The water has a flow of 4 mph. Also, this swim spa has 3 specially arranged River Swim Jets that give you the freedom to create the water flow you enjoy most and perform best with. The swim spa’s wide swimming area and unusual side placement of the jets provide the best swimming experience you can imagine. Called the EliteFlo System, this arrangement provides precise control of your swimming/relaxation sessions. With 5 seats and 2 headrests in the hot tub and 4 pumps, you’ll get the massage you want, too. It also has a total of 38 jets throughout and a 12KW heater. Standard features also include a mahogany wooden cabinet, a Lucite acrylic shell, a light bulb with red and blue filters for lively, colorful water, a cover and Choose Swim Spa Direct’s own technical support team to help you get it going and keep it going. Also, these spas are UL, ETL and California certified, so you can trust that they adhere to US standards and will last a lifetime. And they have the most reliable control system on the market, the Balboa EL8000. You can also get aromatherapy benefits. Finally, the Catalina line comes with a terrific set of warranties: 1 yr. labor, 14 yrs. parts, 10 yrs. structure, and 5 yrs. plumbing. Have you ever heard of a swim spa so amazing? We don’t think so – that’s why we’re happy to offer it to you.

Options, naturally, are available to enhance your swim spa experience. For example, you can add the Corona/Ozone System, which will help keep your water cleaner and fresher. Also available is LED perimeter lighting, with 24 lights (12 on top, 12 on the bottom), for beautiful ambiance. Add safety with a 60” set of stairs that will allow you easily get in and out. Also available are 1 or 2 waterfalls or waterfalls with LED lighting and an iPod-ready AM/FM DVD combo stereo system with 4 pop up speakers and topside music control. Finally, you’ll not want to be without Freeze Protection, a small panel that turns on the pumps when the temperature falls below what you set it to, so that your spa will never freeze.

Get the Catalina 16’ SwimSpa at this great price, only at

Price: $32,999.00
Sale Price: $21,999.00
You Save: $11,000.00
Weight: Free Shipping
Freeze Protection System :
12 LED lights for Hot Tub Area :
24 LED Lights for Swim Pool Area :
Ozonator :
PVC Synthetic Cabinet :
Swim Spa Steps :
Stereo System iPod ready AM/FM/CD player :
Waterfall - 2 sets :
Quantity :
  • Features
  • Options
  • Structure
  • Fitness Benefits
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Jets
  • 38 Stainless Steel Jets with 3 River Swim Jets that allow you the flexibility to design your own resistance when swimming
  • Wide swim area that allows for greater space when exercising
  • Uniquely placed side jets that create the best swimming experience possible
  • Thermo-Pane foam insulation to keep your water temperatures stable
  • 5 seats and 2 headrests in the spa for fun and comfort
  • 4 pumps
  • 12KW heater
  • Balboa EL8000 Control with M7 technology
  • Rowing capabilities that will exercise your upper body and arms – one of the only swim spa lines in America to offer this astounding feature that provides even more beneficial exercise to your swimming regimen
  • Mahogany wood cabinet
  • Lucite Acrylic shell
  • Light bulb with red and blue filters to color your water beautifully
  • Safety Cover
  • UL/ETL/California certified to meet US specifications
  • Warranties: 1 yr. labor, 14 yrs. parts, 10 yrs. structure, 5 yrs. plumbing
  • Corona/Ozone System for cleaner water with fewer chemicals
  • LED perimeter lighting system, with 24 lights (12 on top, 12 below), that provides magnificent ambiance
  • PVC Synthetic Cabinet to ensure your swim spa lasts a lifetime. This shell will never rot, rip or rust and will be more resistant to fading than the wooden one. More expensive than wood, but longer lasting and more eco-friendly
  • 60”, 4-step system that ensures safety as you enter and exit the swim spa
  • 2 waterfalls that will add more relaxation to the spa area
  • 2 waterfalls with beautiful LED lighting
  • A separator for between the spa and pool
  • iPod-compatible AM/FM DVD combo stereo system with 4 pop up speakers and topside music control for enhanced entertainment and enjoyment.
  • Freeze Protection, a small panel that turns on the pumps when the water temperature drops below the level you’ve set it at to ensure the water never freezes
  • Aqua Bike, Aqua Treadmill and Spa Frog in-line system for more exercise options

Cabinet: choose from the standard mahogany wood cabinet or upgrade to a PVC synthetic cabinet. Some people prefer wood for its natural looks. Some prefer a synthetic cabinet as it won’t warp, rot or fade and requires less maintenance. The carefully engineered, PVC cabinet looks like wood with the shortcomings wood creates. We recommend the upgrade to keep your investment solid Shell: the Lucite acrylic shell is built to last a lifetime and doesn’t require a lot of high maintenance. You’re getting the highest quality shell around with Catalina SwimSpas.

Oxidation System: when you opt to add the ozonator, you’ll use fewer chemicals to keep your water clean and also remove harmful contaminants to keep your water fresher and sparkling clean. The ozone system passes molecules through the ozonator, breaking them down into O3 or ozone. Then the ozone oxidizes bacteria and contaminants so your water sanitizer defends your swim spa from new contaminants. Turn it on for half an hour before you use your swim spa for fresher, cleaner water.

Enjoy a full-body workout with three versatile exercising options: swimming in place, using the varied resistance training stations, or rowing for working out your upper body and arms. The latter is a rare yet popular option not many swim spas offer. You’ll enjoy this swim spa with your entire family for fitness, relaxation, therapy and family bonding.

Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Although swim spas are fun, the hydrotherapy they provide can also help you:

  • Sleep Better: The National Sleep Foundation states that soaking in a hot tub before bedtime can help you sleep longer and deeper, achieving more REM sleep
  • Move Better: The Arthritis Foundation suggests that soaking in spas regularly can help keep joints moving smoothly, provide pain relief and restore strength and flexibility to joints
  • Control Your Blood Sugar Better: The New England Journal of Medicine completely a study that showed that, combined with regular exercise, the use of hot tubs for 30 minutes a day, 6 days/week can help lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics.

Stainless steel jets are extremely durable. They make cleaning easy and their location dictates where you’ll feel your hydrotherapeutic massage as well as the power of the water and the resistance they offer as you exercise. Immune to rusting, they will last forever.

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