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Revolution Swim Spa Hot Tub Exercise Swimming Pool Spa

H20 Fitness Spas proudly introduces its biggest, mega-jetted, and most unique swim spa hot tub ever. The swim spa area alone spans over 14 feet long and 7 feet wide to create the ideal current lap pool. The adjoining hot tub area features over 105 jets & bucket seating, and it allows several people to relax without getting splashed or interrupting.
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This large, impressive swim spa & hot tub allows you the best in current lap pool swimming and relaxation. This spectacular swim spa features a wall completely separating the two areas so that people can be relaxing in the hot tub without interrupting the person swimming in the swim spa portion. This separation also allows for two separate temperature settings, warm for the spa, but cooler for the swimming. 9 big hole jets create a roaring current that will challenge even the best swimmers. In sum, 123 spa jets, powered by 7 booming water pumps, means this swim spa & hot tub packs a punch. The hot tub area features 2 hydrotherapy hot seats & a full body lay-down massage lounger. This swimming pool spa also includes a FREE Marine Grade stereo system, incredible waterfalls, several colored Roman Fountain jets & LED spa illumination systems in both the hot tub and swim spa areas & over 80 Fiber Optic Lights surrounding the swim spa & hot tub to create the ultimate daytime or nighttime outdoor party spa! The low energy consumption circulation systems & ozone oxidation system pair up to filter your water 24 hours per day at over 320 liters/minute, which means you can use less chemical additives while still enjoying cleaner water. In addition to the FREE Stereo, we will also throw in a FREE chemical kit with this swim spa all for only $19,999 making this the best priced swim spa jacuzzi on the internet!
Interior Colors
1 5 16
Cabinet Colors
Price: $37,000.00
Sale Price: $19,999.00
You Save: $17,001.00
Manufacturer: H2O Fitness Spas
Interior Color :
Cabinet Color :
Foam Insulation :
Thermal Swim Spa Cover :
Exterior Steps :
FREE Chemical Kit :
Filter & Chemical Kit Recurrence Plan (Shipped / Billed ($149) Yearly) : Opt-In
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Quantity :
Detailed Swim Spa Specifications
Model Revolution Swim Spa Hot Tub Exercise Swimming Pool Spa
Size 19ft6.25in x 7ft2.61in x 4ft10.27in/5ft2.2in
Capacity 2250 gallons
Dry Weight 3400 pounds
With Water Weight 21,500.00 pounds
Color Blue
Seating Capacity 6 Person
Power Supply 220~240V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Shell Acrylic
Spa :
temperature: 80F - 104F
Hot tub: 1PC
Steel frame: 1PC
Head rest: 3PCS
Air jets: 12PCS
Water jets: Total Jets106 PCS(hydro therapy 19 PCS/water 87 PCS)
2"point-blank water jets 87pc
2.5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 10pc
4"Rotary hydro therapy jets 6pc
4"point-blank hydro therapy jets 8pc
5"point-blank hydro therapy jets 1pc
5"Rotary hydro therapy jets 1pc
Roman fountain jets: 2PCS(Seven kinds of color)
Roman fountain valve: 1PC
Roman fountain pump 0.35HP: 1PC
Waterfall: 1PC
Waterfall valve: 1PC
Shoulder Massage Jets 2PCS
Shoulder Massage Valve 1PC
Fiber optic light: 28PCS(Seven kinds of color)
LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
Drain valve: 1PC
Intake valve: 4PCS
Hydro massage pump 2HP: 3PCS
Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC
Air blower 0.7kW: 1PC
Ozonator: 1PC
Heater 5.5KW: 1
Skimmer: 2PC
Control(included FM radio/ preset heater,and display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control/ Circumscribe the device of CD/Economy in electricity function): 1
Diverter Valves: 2 x 2" Comfort Diverter Valves
Air Control Valves: 5 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Wooden cabinet: 1PC
Aromatherapy: 1PC
Insulation: 1PC
Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
temperature: 15 ~ 35
Steel frame: 1PC
Swim Jets: 9PC
LED light: 1PC(Seven kinds of color)
Fiber optic light: 28PCS(Seven kinds of color)
Drain valve: 1PC
Intake valve: 4PC
Hydro massage pump 2HP: 3PCS
Circulation pump 1HP: 1PC
Air blower 0.7kW: 1PC
Heater 3KW: 1
Ozonator: 1PC
Cartridge Filter: 1
Control(included FM radio/ preset heater,and display and operation of water temperature/ Circulation cleaning/ Frozen preventing control/ Circumscribe the device of CD): 1PC
Diverter Valves: 2 x 2" Comfort Diverter Valves
Air Control Valves: 5 x Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Wooden cabinet: 1PC
Insulation: 1PC
Heavy duty spa cover: 1PC
Wooden step: 1PC
  • Features
  • Options
  • Structure
  • Hydrotherapy

The Revolution Swim Spa has these incredible features and benefits:

  • 123 jets, 9 big hole swim spa jets
  • 7 Booming Water Pumps - 3 x 2 HP, 3 x 1HP, 1 x .35 HP
  • FREE Marine Grade Stereo System volume & tuner built-in on control panel
  • Swim Spa area Spans over 19 feet long! Like a full size pool.
  • Separate Spa and Swimming areas
  • Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Massage Seating Areas 2 Bucket Seats & Full Size Lounger each with headrest
  • Beautiful Hot Tub Waterfall & Aromatherapy Systems
  • 4 LED Spa Illumination Systems - with 7 different colors, 3 in hot tub, 1 in swim spa
  • 82 Fiber Optic Lights surrounding the pool & hot tub areas
  • 10 Roman Fountain Jets with 7 colors each 2 in Hot Tub, 8 in Swim Spa
  • 7 Easy-Flo Air Venturi Diverter Valves for maximum swim spa control
  • 700 Watt Air Blower Pump
  • High Quality Acrylic Interior known for its vivid, striking colors. It also has superior strength, superior weather resistance, a high-gloss appearance, and resistance to sunlight, stains, and scratches
  • Low Energy Consumption Circulation Systems
  • Clean Water Benefits with the Ozone Oxidation system - purer water and less chemical additives for your swim spa, and an a capacity of 320 Liter/minute filtration system
  • Classic Wood exterior Pinewood from Finland (synthetic option available also)
  • An Outstanding 5 year shell, 1 year parts warranty


Synthetic Plastic Shell (Colors B and C)

Instead of pine wood from Finland, you have a choice of choosing a synthetic plastic swim spa shell for very little extra. Colors B and C are automatically the synthetic material. Synthetic plastic swim spa shells are starting to become the standard of the swim spa industry because in the past wood has had problems with warping, or rotting over time. Although wood, if taken care of and treated with weather coating from time to time, will probably last a lifetime as well. Some people just like wood anyway because of its smell and texture. The synthetic plastic shells are also more resistant to color fading, and overall are a more popular choice of our swim spa customers. The plastic material turns out to be more expensive than wood, but is a more earth friendly solution.

Entertainment System Options

  • Stereo System This is a booming stereo system that includes 2 marine grade speakers installed into the cabinetry of your hot tub. Volume and tuner are on the hot tub control panel.
  • Stereo Plus DVD Option Expand your music options with this high quality remote controlled DVD player.

Folding Thermal Hot Tub Cover - Only $699 (Valued at $1,000).

Custom designed specifically for your swim spa.

Foam Insulation

Exterior Steps


Steel Integrity Swim Spa Frame -
The most often overlooked part of a swim spa during the purchasing decision is the structure, yet this is the most intricate part of the spa carrying the weight of thousands of pounds of water and people. All Island Escape spas are supported by an industrial strength gauge welded tubular frame capable of supporting up to 8 times the load of the swim spa, water, and people.

Exterior Cabinet -
Depending on which color you choose you either get a high quality synthetic cabinet, or a cabinet made out of real pine wood from Finland. The carefully engineered, synthetic cabinet is made to look and feel like real quality finished wood without the shortcomings of real wood, such as warping, fading and the constant need for maintenance.

Low Energy Circulation System
½ Get the benefit of a lower energy bill and eco-friendly swim spa. Creating the circulation required to filter and heat the water of a swim spa is accomplished by using very high flow, low energy consuming swim spa pumps that will use less energy running 24 hours a day than a regular swim spa pump operating for a fraction of the day. The result is a constant 24 hour swim spa filtration with more total gallons filtered and less energy consumed.

Hydrotherpay Health Benefits


  • SLEEP BETTER- The National Sleep Foundation suggests that soaking in hot water before bedtime can help bring about a good night's sleep.
  • MOVE BETTER- The Arthritis Foundation supports the use of spas and reports that regular sessions in a hot tub helps to keep joints moving, restores strength and flexibility and soothes arthritis pain.
  • LIVE BETTER- The New England Journal of Medicine reported that diabetic patients reported reduced blood sugar levels and improved sleep patterns.

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